Tuesday, January 19, 2010


As you all read yesterday was an over productive day... REMEMBER those valentine's cards and Spaghetti Dinner post cards I was bragging about? Well seems that the company www.janzoon.com says my credit card and address do not match...now not that I haven't purchased from them a number of times in the past but they said there is an error so I tried 5 times to get the order to process..... Some of you know where this is going..I DID NOT. SO I tried a number of times and then called them. The woman calls me back (it is on my saved voice mail) stating this is MY BANKS PROBLEM... that my bank is not allowing the process because the address on my profile with janzoon does not match my bank address...Well funny how another purchase over the weekend through paypal as I explained to this lady went through with the same card same address SINCE 1991..SAME SAME SAME.... my bank has never gotten my address wrong since 1991 and for this order they have???? SO I go about my business...

I wake up, get Emma fed at 5 am so she is ready for Therapy, get coffee, all kids to school, then Emma a bath, talk to friend coming to perm daughters hair, talk to daughter all on schedule..therapist comes, Mandie comes I get a shower and the day is underway ...9am... now we perm, we visit, therapy over and off to the hospital to deliver Down syndrome supplies to a new baby boy.. I dig out the box of books, put together packets and seem surprised but excited because this hospital has never called before in all these years since 2002 not once... I got a call later that a baby with DS was sent home from this hospital and that was an emergency run to Miami the day after contact for heart failure that was over looked...so I am excited.. I go out of my way, to get to this hospital before a 1:30 meeting at social security... I get to the hospital and the social worker comes to greet me to day..Oh, I was wrong the baby does not have Down syndrome, I was mistaken.... URG!
Race to Social Security only a couple minutes late and all goes well meeting with a service provider,,I know what a meeting place but it went well while she did what t she needed, I got what I needed...and off I go to Walmart for house items.. I get to the check out and my card says NOT TODAY MS PRINGLE... I tell the lady, no way do it again... Not today...so I figure the bank must have a security hold on it because of all the Internet issues.... OK, suspend the order run to the van for a security check hidden for such emergency's... went through.... I go home, pull up my account and OMG OMG OMG each time I "tried" and was "DENIED" the order to be processed they held funds.. and held funds and held funds.. over and over and over so the bank started doing over drafts after so many holds and I am still "TRYING" so $27.00 on top of $27.00 it is a mess...It is now 3:20pm. I call the bank, oh crap my phone is dying... I am on hold..5 minutes... now I get someone. She is so nice she is willing to call janzoon.. she sees the issues and starts reversing the $27 charges. AS A ONE TIME COURTEOUS..... ;o) So We get on hold with Janzoon and I get the house phone.. you know the one the kids use...I call Janzoon on that line.. OMG my cell phone dies with the bank.....I tell Janzoon what is going on that call went out at 3:40.... Ok this is where I am holding my head wondering why it hurts and I am shacking...THE PHONE NEEDS TO BE PLACED ON THE CHARGING DEVICE,,,,,, ;O)) so I explain the situation I now have my cell phone plugged in and tell Janzoon... she says I can have the bank call them back or I can get their fax number and then they can fax verification to let the holds off. I know have 3 people on the phone the call is into 30 minutes and that phone is dead...lost her. I call the bank.. Now the bank says we do not call companies..this after a 12 minute wait to talk to a representative... and I explain that last lady did call and she gets off to check with her supervisor and say..no maam we are not aloud to call out for customers...You will need to do a 3 way...Hello I am on my cell with is plugged to the outlet and I have inches to move and my head hurts... I have not eaten anything and only strong coffee.. SO I look at both phones that show they need to be charged... I take my laptop and cell phone to my room set up a multi outlet on my dresser, take a deep breath and call Janzoon. This is not almost 5 pm.. Janzoon says, we can not type up any generic letter to fax, where would you get the idea we would do that.... OH I PLUCKED IT OUT OF THE SKY........The last rep told me to get the fax number to the bank so they could fax a release statement... so she hears my frustration... and she offers to do a conference call... we hook to the bank...15 minutes expected wait time...the prefer we hang up and call when there is less call volume.. I telllthe woman DO NOT HANG UP... it is 5:20....5:30.... my bank answers and she says she needs to verify everything...so I have to tell all my codes, passwords etc. with a stranger on the line????? not good! And then the bank needs an authorization for releasing the holds.... Janzoon says there is no authorizations because there was no transactions........ So we are put on hold... I inform them both that this dog and pony show started over 2 hours ago and my head hurts..... I ask that a supervisor from the bank and a supervisor from Janzoon GET ON THE PHONE IMMEDIATELY...... with a supervisor from each we are able to get authorization release the non holds from the non transactions , so I jump out there ans say..so since we are all here can we get the card and address to match so the order can be processed so this can have some meaning.... the bank verifies that the address I have put into my Janzoon profile is EXACTLY as the card states on the billing address,, The supervisor states she has it noted for her finance Department and they will TOMORROW walk me through an order to get it processed..
Bank hangs up, I thank her.. Janzoon now says that they are going to need me to create an entirely new profile tomorrow...so I say, can you please transfer my work to this order to the new profile...well no Ms. Pringle we are so sorry, you will need to recreate your order...START ALL OVER!!!!!