Sunday, January 17, 2010

What have I been up to?

The morning started fresh. I got a solid night sleep and no news before bed simply because I was asleep.

I woke up this morning to hear Emma and that cough back..CROUP again??? I am not use to children who have illnesses..?? LOL You must laugh but I see and hear about those Down syndrome noses and I simply HADN'T had that in our life until now..She sneezes some chunks but hey they are heading out so that is all good right?? Her cough sounds so painful but she doesn't complain??? I am getting great big gum filled smiles.

SO we did not make it to church but I used my time productively;

I sent a letter to President Obama, Former presidents Bush and Clinton, then a letter off to Bill Nelson FL Senator and then started working my way closer to home...Each message strong in that the children of Haiti need our help even if it is temp, while the adults get order and life back. I wrote about an orphanage that has been blocked from their mission for years since the Hague agreement was signed. It is a beautiful country setting with lots of room, therapy items and all set with no children...well only a couple I believe.

and that we all can write to the Miami Catholic Charities and let them know if we have a bed to offer or in the future willing to adopt after no family is found or their return not their future.

Those who want to help can send an e-mail with what they have to offer to:

So I may not have been in the house of worship this morning but I have been doing God's work as his follower.