Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One person at a time

I am doing all I can with my abilities. I collected all the local hospitals, numbers contacts, names. Alerting any family willing to fill out an application to host a medically needy child from Haiti for about 18 months. I am emailing to let outside the area know of facilities here in SW Florida in case they can use our resources..

I have been emailing with some on the ground in Haiti, reporters Doctors, director's and who actually knows but reading and learning and doing what small part I can makes the fact I do not have cash to spare but time, energy and love helps equally.

I hope everyone has done what they can or feel they should or could and if you have that inner drive to help a child and you are in the SW FL area please email me so we can keep giving the medical advocacy team enough resources to get a handful of children here and well so they can return to their country whole. A little wiser, a little more stable to move forward in the journey they have ahead of them.