Saturday, January 30, 2010

Still hopeful

Hello all my friends and family. We have not been notified either way on the nomination for Extreme Home Makeover. Last word I have is that the date for the South Florida build is not set. Once that date is set then we will wait like the other families here that are in it to win it...LOL I know my heart will be crushed because the time it has been I have been in this roller coaster of emotions of how much it would mean to us, how much more I could do for so many...The reality is.... So no we have heard nothing but we are still hopeful. Many of you wrote in for support and they are collecting information and doing what it is they do. I believe it is a builder to come forward and then volunteers in the community for help and supports. So that is all in God's hands.

I am here, doing what I do best.... helping the kids and finding ways to help more kids. I have my application in to host baby's from Haiti if they need me. I have my email out to all existing agency's who have been working in Haiti for years and now have more help requests and media attention than ever before. They need medical personal now and that I do not have.

I stay to our routine and plan for our weekend get aways coming. We have not been out for months like before Baby Emma and the children are looking forward to some "hotel" stays. Conferences are coming, a weekend to Bush Gardens is set and they are studying the park maps for making it to as much as possible in a day with the Pringle children (all of them) We will go back with the older one's for a roller coaster extravaganza...meaning all we do is go on one to the next to the next roller coaster.... The older ones.. and play play play hard... then another time the baby's will go in the water park area and just be LAZY all day. (warmer weather) I am a makes life much easier with many.

If you have not or wish to write Extreme Home Makeover to let them know you wish to volunteer or support the choice of our family getting a new home through their show the email lines are still open.