Sunday, January 17, 2010

Milestone GIGGLE

For those who know, Emma has not shared her giggles with anyone but Mommy. She will giggle during the day with any little thing I do..and giggle over and over. Friday Keirsten walked in and Emma was in full giggle mode and did not hear her enter... She continued to giggle and Keirstens face lit up and she moved towards us to join but sure as that Emma stopped immediately and refused to giggle..when I did all the giggle tactics she wiggles and her face appeared to be giggling but not a sound... LOL Keirsten said "BYE MOM" and walked to the front door, opened and closed the door and dropped down behind the side end table...not in view of Emma... YOU GUESSED IT, Emma began giggling but with guard..she turned her head to look and saw Keirsten and YEP she stopped giggling.

TONIGHT, she giggled for her family. This is such a hoot. At 9 months this girl knows she has this control... It was funny how it started and when Keirsten came to join she looked at her held out for Keirstens feelings to get hurt and then..she giggled for Keirsten. I am going to be looking to see how tomorrow is...LOL

Oh it is late but I do not feel tired... I am mentally going in a million directions.. I have some events coming up that cost money to be at Prader-willi events. Getting the hotel paid, t-shirts for all the kids ordered and all the extra in traveling with my crew..what is there to do when we get there.. the first event is a fishing event where we would have to own our own boat...entry is $500.00 and $1,000.00. We are NOT doing that, they have a family movie night which we are signed up for.. and our friends will be i town but we are all in different hotels... I have never gone so causing a little stress for me..

I have some procrastinating things to tidy up this week and Steven is having a visit with his Birth grandparents for the first time in a long time...they only want Steven to go so that makes for creative planning during a week we have many days off and 1/2 days...

So we move towards my dream to get Gabriel House full of hurting children from Haiti.. I know like my hands are not full already but until my days are so full I do not even look at this computer...then my life will be working 100%... It is that one more child I can help.